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Name: Cape Lookout Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Beaufort, North Carolina, United States

Location: Cape Lookout National Seashore, Core Banks.

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Photo: Betty Collins
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Managing Organization:
Cape Lookout National Seashore

Telephone: 252-838-8890


Contact Address Information:
131 Charles Street
Harkers Island
North Carolina, 28531, United States

During the Civil War the 1859 Cape Lookout Lighthouse was heavily damaged. The keeper's house now serves as a visitor center. The lighthouse is open for tours mid-May through mid-September.

Tower Height: 169

Height of Focal Plane: 156

Description of Tower: Conical brick tower with black and white diamond pattern.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1873 two-story brick keeper's house, brick oil house, coal shed, summer kitchen, stable.

Earlier Towers?
1812: Brick tower.

Date Established: 1812

Date Present Tower Built: 1859

Date Automated: 1950

Optics: 1859: Third order Fresnel lens – 1864: First Order Fresnel lens, removed in 1975 and now in use at Southeast Lighthouse on Block Island, Rhode Island. - 1975: DCB-24, which was removed in 2017 and replaced by a modern nondescript LED light

Current Use: Active aid to navigation.

Open To Public? Grounds only.

The Visitor Center located in the lighthouse keeper's house is open from April to November (hours vary). There are no entrance fees. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is closed to public entry.

For information on ferry services to Cape Lookout call the Park Visitor Center at 252-728-2250, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: James Fulford (1812-1828), William Fulford (1828-1854), John R. Royal (1854-1863), Gayer Chadwick (1863-1864), John R. Royal (1864-1869), Manson W. Mason (1869-1876), M. J. Mason (1876-1878), W. F. Hatsel (1878-1888), Denard Rumley (1888-1893), T. G. Davis (1893-1900), J. Wilson Gillikin (1900-1903), Alfred B. Hooper (1903-1909), Charles W. Clifton (1909-?). First Assistant Keepers: S. Blunt, (1859-1864), J.R. Guthrie (1864), W.H. Guthrie (1864-1865), Joseph Royal (1865-1869), Josephus Willis (1869-1870), B. P. Davis (1870-1874), W.P. Fulcher (1874-1876), M.T. Lewis (1876-1877), Joseph Willis (1877-1878), Denard Rumley (1878-1883), J.B. Noe (1883-1886), T.L. Davis (1886-1893), Otway B. Davis (1893-1901), James S. Davis (1901-1909), V.L. Watson (1909-1912), J. M. Burrus (1912-?)

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