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Name: Chandeleur Island Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Location: Chandeleur Sound, Gulf of Mexico.

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Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

Managing Organization:
Breton National Wildlife Refuge

Telephone: 504-646-7555


Contact Address Information:
Southeast Louisiana Refuges
1010 Gause Blvd.
Louisiana, 70458, United States

Since Hurricane Georges in 1998, this lighthouse has been standing in water. In about 2001, it was replaced as an aid to navigation by a modern skeletal tower. In September 2004, Hurricane Ivan left the lighthouse about 300 yards offshore. NOTE: This lighthouse was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005.

Tower Height: 100

Height of Focal Plane: 99

Description of Tower: Brown, cast iron skeletal tower with central cylinder and black lantern.

This light is not operational

Earlier Towers?
1848: 55-foot brick tower (destroyed in 1852 storm), 1855: Brick tower, destroyed in storm in 1893.

Date Established: 1848

Date Present Tower Built: 1896

Date Deactivated: c. 2001

Date Automated: 1966

Optics: 1896: Three and one-half order Fresnel lens (now on display at Louisiana War Memorial in Baton Rouge), now 300 mm optic.

Open To Public? No.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: George A.H. Frombling (1848-?); Alexander Lea (c. 1852); Benjamin F. Midgett (1855-?); Thorwald Hansen (1896-?).

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