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Name: Civitavecchia Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Civitavecchia, , Italy

Location: On the east mole in the harbor; Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Photo: Courtesy of Michel Forand

In approximately 107-108 A.D., the Roman emperor Trajan built an artificial harbor at Centumcellae (later Civitavecchia), including a man-made island on which two light towers were erected; they are said to have lasted until the early seventeenth century. In 1616, Pope Paul V rebuilt the harbor and erected a new lighthouse on the foundations of one of the Roman towers; this lighthouse was rebuilt by Pope Pius IX in 1860, with a pier now linking the island to the mainland. The old harbor tower was severely damaged during World War II and replaced by the Monte Cappuccini Lighthouse. The old lighthouse was partially rebuilt after the war as a landmark in Civitavecchia's harbor.

Description of Tower: Grey stone stepped tower, formerly 105 feet tall. The two top levels of the tower were not rebuilt when the tower was repaired after World War II.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1616

Date Present Tower Built: 1860

Date Deactivated: c. 1942

Current Use: Historic attraction.

Open To Public? Grounds only.

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