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Name: Cape St. James Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Sandspit, British Columbia, Canada

Location: St. James Island, at the extreme southern end of the Queen Charlotte Islands, off the NW coast of British Columbia.

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Photo: CSJ Archival Collection. © CSJG&CC

in 1926, a small vessel operated by the Methodist Church came to this remote station with the mate’s wife aboard. The keeper’s wife, Jessey Lawrence, had not seen another woman before that for five years. There's now an automated light on a 60-foot wind tower here.

Tower Height: 48

Height of Focal Plane: 340

Description of Tower: 1914: Octagonal white tower with red lantern. Lantern was removed in 1958 when new aerobeacon was installed. 1984: Metal tower.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1914

Date Automated: 1992

Optics: 1914: Third order Fresnel lens. 1958: aerobeacon

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: (This list of keepers is from a copyrighted collection: History of Cape St. James Lightstation, 1914-1992 by J. A. C. Derham-Reid.) Taylor Ash (1914), Laurance (Laurence?) Thompson (1914-1918), Angus MacDonald (assistant, c. 1914-1918), Angus Matheson (1918), Robert Joseph Smith (1918-1921), Edith Matilda Smith (assistant, 1918-1921), Stanley Frederick Lawrence (1921-1931), Jessey Mathewson Lawrence (assistant, 1921-1931), Stanley Frederick Lawrence, Jr. (assistant, c. 1921-1931), Earl Glinn (assistant?, 1931-1932), Andrew Abraham Johnston (1932-1934), Herbert Fitzgerald (assistant, 1932-1934), Peter Doherty (1934-1937), Bill Fulton (assistant, c, 1930s), Fred Redcliffe (assistant, c, 1930s), Reg Blake (assistant, c, 1930s), “Old Bill” ? (assistant, c, 1930s), J. N. Kelly (assistant, c, 1930s), James Neil Kelly (c. 1937-1940 and 1942-1943), Charles A. Smith (assistant, c. late 1930s, head keeper 1943-1948), George Ross Snetsinger (c. 1940-1941), Herbert Fitzgerald (1941-1942), Hallvard Dahlie (assistant, 1941-1942), Alice Harling Smith (assistant, 1943-1948), Sidney Smith (assistant, 1946-1948, head keeper 1948-1950), Jack Walter Monkman 1949-1950, ? Diggens (1950-1952), Wyn Coles (assistant, c. early 1950s), “Cowboy” ? (assistant, c. early 1950s), Ben Rogers (1952-1954), Edward Carson (1954 -1956), Alex Bournazel (1956-1961), Hugh MacRae (assistant, 1958), William “Old Bill” Treston (assistant, 1958), ? Bournazel (father of Alex) (assistant, 1958)

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