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Name: Crabtree Ledge Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Hancock, Maine, United States

Location: Near Hancock Point, Frenchmans Bay.

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After being deactivated, Crabtree Ledge Light was sold into private hands. It collapsed into the bay in a winter storm in the early 1940s.

Tower Height: 69

Description of Tower: Cylindrical cast iron tower on cylindrical iron caisson. Superstructure painted brown until 1903, then white.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1890 (1/15/1890)

Date Deactivated: 1933

Optics: 1890: Fifth order Fresnel lens.

Fog Signal: 1891: 1,200 pound fog bell and striking machinery.

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: Charles Chester (1890-1908); Charles W. Thurston (assistant, 1902-1909); Joseph M. Gray (assistant, c. 1898); Amaziah Small (?); Edward Small (?); Alton Triveau (?); Jerome Peasely (?); Chester Brinkworth (?-1916); Joseph Whitmore (?-1917); Ora Jordan (?); ? Bulgar (?).

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