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Name: Greenly Island Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Blanc-Sablon, Quebec, Canada

Location: Western entrance to Strait of Belle Isle, Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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Photo: Canadian Coast Guard, Quebec Region.
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Managing Organization:
Municipality of Blanc-Sablon

Greenly Island entered the annals of aviation history in April 1928 when the Bremen, a German plane, made the first successful east-to-west transatlantic flight, crash-landing on an ice-covered water reservoir on the island after a 36-hour crossing from Ireland. The pilots' original destination was Mitchell Field on Long Island, but the plane drifted far off course to the north during the night. Greenly Island Lighthouse was the landmark that enabled the pilots to find their way to safety. The lightkeeper's young son thought the plane was a giant flying fish. The 1878 lighthouse was replaced by a skeleton tower in 1949. Another skeleton tower was built in 1983, when the light was automated. The grounds and the other buildings were turned over to the municipality of Blanc-Sablon in 1998. Greenly Island is part of the Baie de Brador Migratory Bird Sanctuary, managed by the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Tower Height: 73

Height of Focal Plane: 115

Characteristic and Range: Flashing white every 15 seconds, visible for 15 nautical miles.

Description of Tower: White skeleton structure, fluorescent orange daymark facing south.

This light is operational

Earlier Towers?
1878: 67-foot wooden tower on roof of dwelling (destroyed by fire 1947). 1949: Red skeleton tower with fluorescent orange daymarks.

Date Established: 1878

Date Present Tower Built: 1983

Date Automated: 1983

Current Use: Active aid to navigation (seasonal)

Open To Public? No.

Accessible by boat only.

Keepers: M. Letemplier (c. 1928), Chesley G. Thomas (1939-1968), John Thomas (1968-1983)

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