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Name: North Head Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
Ilwaco, Washington, United States

Location: Entrance to Columbia River.

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Photo: Lynn Lary
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Managing Organization:
Cape Disappointment State Park

Telephone: 360-642-3078


The keeper's quarters at this lighthouse are available for overnight stays and can be rented for weddings and other events. In 2012, ownership of the lighthouse was transferred to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

Tower Height: 65

Height of Focal Plane: 194

Characteristic and Range: Two white flashes every 30 seconds (7.5 seconds between flashes)

Description of Tower: White, conical brick tower with sandstone base and cement plaster overlay.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1898 two-story brick keeper's house, duplex assistant keeper's house, two garages, two oil houses, chicken coop, storage building.

Date Established: 1898

Date Present Tower Built: 1898

Date Automated: 1961

Optics: 1898: First order Fresnel lens (removed 1930), originally in Cape Disappointment Light, now on display at the at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Fort Canby. Fourth order lens now at the Columbia Maritime Museum in Astoria OR.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation, vacation rental housing.

Open To Public? Yes.

The park is located in Pacific County 2.5 miles southwest of Ilwaco off Highway 101. The lighthouse is open for guided tours daily during the summer season and Friday through Sunday for limited hours during the winter months. A small fee is charged for the tour.

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Alexander K. Pesonen (1898-1924); Edward E. Brodie (first assistant keeper, 1898-1901); Hermann Grossheim (second assistant keeper, 1898); Thomas Gibson (second assistant keeper, 1898-1899); Hermann Grossheim (second assistant keeper, 1899-1900); William T. Langlois (first assistant keeper, 1901-1903); John G. Granberg (first assistant keeper, 1903- 1921); John G. Granberg (second assistant keeper, 1900-1903); John Heagney (second assistant keeper, 1903-1905); Mabel E. Bretherton (second assistant keeper, 1905-1907); Andros G. Siniluoto (second assistant keeper, 1907-1921); Frank C. Hammond (second assistant keeper, 1923); Leonard W. Gabriel (second assistant keeper, 1923-1933); Andros G. Siniluoto (first assistant keeper, 1924); Andros G. Siniluoto (1924-1937); Clayborn R. Williams (first assistant keeper, 1924-1933); Leonard W. Gabriel (first assistant keeper, 1933-1937); John B. Bray (second assistant keeper, 1933-1937); Leonard W. Gabriel (1937-1944); John B. Bray (first assistant keeper, 1937-1944); Nels A. Howe (second assistant keeper, 1939-1941); John Bray (1944); Frank H. Story; Jr. (1944-1949); Otto Gibbs (1949-1951).

Nearby Lodging: The lighthouse keeper's quarters can be rented overnight and the structure itself is available for weddings and special events by prior arrangement. For scheduling information, call Fort Canby State Park at 360-642-3078 or see . There is also camping available in the park; call 800-452-5687, or the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf at 800-858-9659.

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