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Name: Hoek van Holland Noorderhoofd Light  

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Also known as: Hoek van Holland Noordpier Light

Nearest Town or City:
Hoek van Holland, , Netherlands

Location: Zuid-Holland Province; at the end of a long pier marking the north side of the entrance to Nieuwe Waterweg, the waterway leading to Hoek van Holland and Rotterdam.

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Photo: Courtesy of Michel Forand
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The North Pier Light at Hoek van Holland was the scene of a number of shipwrecks over the years. The most infamous is probably the wreck in February 1907 of the "Berlin," a British ferry ship, with more than 120 lives lost. An old postcard also shows "Spanker," a British coal ship, precariously stranded at the end of the pier in August 1954. By then, the lower part of the tower had been encased in concrete. Two decades later (May 1974), the tower was toppled into the North Sea and was replaced by the Maasmond Noorderdam Light.

Description of Tower: 1895: Black iron skeleton tower, 28 feet tall. 1901: Lantern on top of a black hexagonal iron skeleton tower, 47 feet tall, focal plane height of 43 feet.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1866

Date Deactivated: 1974

Current Use: Destroyed.

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