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Name: Lightship 94  

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Also known as: Zeeburg Lightship

Nearest Town or City:
Amsterdam, , Netherlands

Location: Museum Harbour in Amsterdam.

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Photo: Nancy J. Rau
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Managing Organization:
Museum Harbour

This lightship was built for Trinity House in England. It served 1939-1980 at the Shipwash and Morecombe Bay station, and 1981-1990 at the Newarp station. In 2002 it was acquired by the Open Haven Museum in Amsterdam and was exhibited with the name "Zeeburg" on the side. The Open Haven Museum closed in 2003. As of December 2004, the lightship was slated to go on exhibit at the Museum Harbour at the former NDSM Shipyard in Amsterdam.

Description of Tower: 134-foot steel lightship with light tower amidships.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1939

Date Deactivated: 1990

Current Use: Exhibit.

Open To Public? Yes.

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