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Name: Hillsboro Inlet Light  

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Also known as: Hillsboro Light

Nearest Town or City:
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States

Location: North side of Hillsboro Inlet.

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Managing Organization:
Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society

Telephone: 954-942-2102


Contact Address Information:
P.O. Box 326
Pompano Beach
Florida, 33061-0326, United States

Tower Height: 137

Height of Focal Plane: 136

Description of Tower: Octagonal, skeletal iron tower, upper part black and lower part white.

This light is operational

Other Buildings?
1907 1.5 story keepers house, barracks, recreation building, garage, generator building.

Date Established: 1907

Date Present Tower Built: 1907

Date Automated: 1974

Optics: 1907: Second order Fresnel lens

Current Use: Active aid to navigation, Coast Guard houseing.

Open To Public? Yes, on tour days for members.

The best place from which to photograph the lighthouse is a beach south of the inlet. Public access to the beach is via NE 16th Street (.1 mile north of FL 844, 4.4 miles south of FL 810, Hillsboro Boulevard).

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: Alfred A. Berghell (1907-1911), Henry A. Keys (first assistant 1907), Robert H. Thompson (second assistant, 1907-1908), Thomas E. Albury (first assistant 1908), Samuel R.A. Curry (second assistant, 1908-1909), Clifton H. Lopez (first assistant 1909), W.A. Lopez (first assistant 1909), Harvey E. Behringer (second assistant 1909-1910), Ramon Pinder (first assistant 1909-1910), George B. Neumian (first assistant 1912-c.1919?), Michael L. Shauahan (second assistant 1910-1911), Thomas Knight (1911-1936), William M. Sharit (second assistant 1911), John T. Corcoran (second assistant 1911), Lawrence F. Meyer (second assistant 1911-?), C. Malloy (first assistant 1919), R. Nivens (second assistant c. 1919-1921), J.E. Powell (first assistant c. 1920-?), Judge Becton Isler (second assistant 1920-1939), Benjamin F. Stone (assistant c. 1920s; principal keeper 1936-1942), Warren Bennett (Coast Guard, 1943-1951), H. Kandone (Coast Guard, 1951), J. S. Childs, Jr. (Coast Guard, 1954), J. Miller (Coast Guard, 1955), F. Edelkamp (Coast Guard, 1956), F. Tucker (Coast Guard, 1957), J. Evdokimoff (Coast Guard, 1958), D. F. Thurston (Coast Guard, 1961), F. Warren (Coast Guard, 1962), J.D. Lloyd (Coast Guard, 1966), J. T. Rodgers (Coast Guard, 1968), D. H. Steerman (Coast Guard, 1969), Donald W. Partridge (Coast Guard, 1972)

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