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Name: Sand Key Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Key West, Florida, United States

Location: Seven miles southwest of Key West.

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Managing Organization:
U.S. Coast Guard

The first Sand Key Lighthouse was destroyed by a hurricane in 1846; Keeper Rebecca Flaherty and five others died at the lighthouse. The present lighthouse was designed by I.W.P. Lewis. It was badly damaged by a fire in 1989. Between 1991 and 1997 it was largely restored by the Coast Guard.

Tower Height: 120

Height of Focal Plane: 105

Description of Tower: Cast iron, square skeletal pyramidal tower with integral keeper's dwelling.

Listed on the Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List of endangered lighthouses.

This light is operational

Earlier Towers?
1827: 65-foot brick tower; lightship on site 1846-1853.

Optics: 1853: First order Fresnel lens; now VRB-25 solar powered.

The lighthouse can be seen distantly distantly from Key West; it is best viewed by boat or plane. Island City Flying Service offers sightseeing tours from Key West International Airport. Call (305) 296-5422 for details.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Keepers: John Flaherty (1827-1830); Rebecca Flaherty (1830-1846); Latham Brightman (1853-?); Charles Bowman; Joseph F. Papy; George Weigand; William Bates; Edward Hudson; John Camaler; James Bryson; Francis W. Knight; James Martin; J. W. Roberts; Charles G. Johnson; Thomas Kelly; Alonzo Baker.

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