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Name: Narrows Light  

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Also known as: Bug Light

Nearest Town or City:
Hull, Massachusetts, United States

Location: Outer Boston Harbor

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This lighthouse was accidentally burned down by a keeper in 1929 as he attempted to remove paint with a blow torch.

Height of Focal Plane: 35

Description of Tower: Lantern on roof of wooden keeper's quarters, on screw pile foundation.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1856

Date Deactivated: 1929

Current Use: Destroyed.

The remains of the pilings from Narrows "Bug" Light can be seen at low tide. There is a small active light on a skeleton tower nearby.

Keepers: Nathaniel R. Hooper (1856-1861 and 1862-1871), C. J. Blair (1861-1862), Charles J. Hooper (1871-1872), Daniel McKenzie (1872-1877), Frederick Hammond (1877-1878), E. Lewis Gorham (1878-1882); George G. Bailey (1882); Charles Friend (1882-1888); Charles E. Turner (1889-1892); Michael J. Curran (1893); Samuel E. Liscom (1893-1895); Gershom C. Freeman (1895-1907); William H. Lowther (1907-?); Arthur Small (c. 1920s); Tom Small (?-1929).

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