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Name: Vilsandi Lighthouse   

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Also known as: Vilsandi Tuletorn

Nearest Town or City:
Papisaare, , Estonia

Location: Off west coast of the island of Saaremaa, west coast of Estonia, Baltic Sea.

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Photo: Estonian Maritime Administration
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Managing Organization:
Estonian Maritime Administration


There were originally two towers here, the second being made of wood and located about 500 feet from the main lighthouse. The main lighthouse was given a rotating light in 1840, and the second tower was demolished at that time. The main tower was raised a few times in the 19th century, receiving a first-order Fresnel lens (made by Chance Bros.) in 1870.

Tower Height: 122

Height of Focal Plane: 131

Characteristic and Range: Three white flashes every 15 seconds, visible for 12 nautical miles (white sector) and 8 nautical miles (red sector).

Description of Tower: White conical stone tower.

This light is operational

Date Established: 1809

Date Present Tower Built: 1809

Optics: 1870: First-order Fresnel lens.

Current Use: Active aid to navigation

Open To Public? By arrangement.

Keepers: Artur Toom (c. 1906)

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