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Name: Nantucket I Lightship (WLV612)  

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Nearest Town or City:
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Location: Rowes Wharf, Boston Harbor.

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Photo: Jayson Newell
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Managing Organization:
Private owner

This lightship was at the following stations: 1951-1969: San Francisco (CA) 1969-1971: Blunts Reef (CA) 1971-1975: Portland (ME) 1975-1983: Nantucket Shoals (MA). It was acquired by the Metropolitan District Commission in 1985. After being restored by a local friends group (The Friends of Nantucket 1), it was sold on eBay to Bill Golden of Boston, who remodeled the interior. The vessel is for sale again as of late January 2006, at an asking price of $7.6 million.

Description of Tower: Red, 128-foot, two-masted steel lightship.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1950

Date Deactivated: 1985

Current Use: Timeshare condo, function space.

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