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Name: Nash Island Light   Map it!

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Nearest Town or City:
South Addison, Maine, United States

Location: Southeast entrance to Pleasant Bay.

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Photo: Jeremy D'Entremont
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Managing Organization:
Friends of Nash Island Light

Contact Address Information:
P.O. Box 250
Maine, 04606, United States

The Coast Guard destroyed the keeper's house and other buildings after automating the light in 1947. The lighthouse was replaced by an offshore buoy in 1982 and fell into disrepair. In 1998, the lighthouse was transferred to the Friends of Nash Island Light under the Maine Lights Program. The group has done much restoration of the exterior of the lighthouse.

Tower Height: 36

Height of Focal Plane: 51

Description of Tower: White square brick tower with black cast iron lantern, attached to workroom.

This light is not operational

Other Buildings?

Earlier Towers?
1838: cylindrical tower.

Date Established: 1838

Date Present Tower Built: 1874

Date Deactivated: 1982

Date Automated: 1958

Optics: 1856: Fourth order Fresnel lens.

Fog Signal: 1888: Fog bell and striking mechanism in pyramidal bell tower.

Current Use: Under restoration.

Open To Public? No.

Nash Island Light is difficult to see from the mainland. You may be able to charter a cruise to see this lighthouse; contact John E. Norton in Jonesport at (207) 497-5933. Robertson Sea Tours & Adventures may offer cruises with a view of Nash Island; see or email

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Keepers: John Wass (1847-1853); Daniel Curtis (1853-?); Enos D. Wass (1865-1872); Edwin K. Heath (1872-1876); Nehemiah Guptill (1876-1881); Roscoe G. Lophaus (1881-1883); Charles S. Holt (1883-1902); Osmond Cummings (?); Nathan A Reed (Dec. 1911-March 1912 died); Allen Carter Holt (March 1912- 1916); John Purington (1916-1935); Edwin Pettegrow (Pettegrew) (c. 1930s); Larson Alley (?-1947); Edward Wallace (1947-1958)

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