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Rowing - Reading the article “Monomoy Disaster” in the March/April edition of Lighthouse Digest about the Monomoy Life Saving crew reminded Nikk Salata of some of his toughest days in 1966 at the Maine Maritime Academy. The racing boats they used were called ‘Monomoys” and were the most dreadful things to row. Nick Salata recalled, “They were heavy, they weren’t streamlined, and rowing them with those long oars was tough work. We would race these things down the Bagaduce River from Castine, then around a buoy in Penobscot Bay, and back. We would train in these tubs for a big day when we would race the other five Maritime Academies for the Admiral’s Cup. Hat’s off to those guys that did this for the real Life-Saving Service.” The rowing team in this photo from the 1966 Maine Maritime Academy yearbook was the B Team and defeated the Rockland Coast Guard. They are shown here rowing past the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. Notice the DCB areo beacon that had been placed in the tower after the Fresnel lens was removed.

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Conversion at Seguin - This photo was taken when Maine’s Seguin Island Lighthouse was being converted from steam whistles to diaphone horns. The photo is in an album that belonged to Dave Gamage’s uncle, who served on a lighthouse tender, and later as relief keeper and even later an assistant keeper at Whitehead Lighthouse. The tanks in the photo are the compressed air tanks yet to be installed in the whistle house. Dave believes that the photo may have been taken in 1926. The air horn was first identified in the 1927 light list. The children in the photo are likely those of keeper Frank Bracey, of which there were eight by the time he transferred to Eagle Island Lighthouse in 1931.

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