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Marblehead Lighthouse, Ohio

The Watch Room

Your vintage photo of the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse in the March/April edition of Lighthouse Digest reminded me of a temporary watch room built on Ohio’s Marblehead Lighthouse by the Coast Guard in August of 1945. In 1949 a permanent watch room was constructed at the same spot. The room was removed in December of 1956.

Pat O’Connell

West Quoddy and More

Tim, my wife and I enjoyed meeting you at the 2014 Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival in Alpena, Michigan. I was delighted to see my picture and painting based on the Dohanos Saturday Evening Post cover of West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and accompanying article. The information on Dohanos and Curtis Publishing rounded it out nicely. Your book, Lighthouses of the Sunrise County, with its West Quoddy people and photos as well as the stories and photos of keepers at other area lighthouses, bring the cold hard facts to life. Your booth had another book I’d been looking for, The Lighthouse Encyclopedia by Ray Jones. We also had front row seats for your Sanctuary Inn dinner/lecture. So, as you see, you were a major player in our Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival experience.

Jim and Eva McCormick

Sheridan Story

I just want to thank you for your wonderful story on the Sheridan family lighthouse keepers, “Memorial Marker Recalls Tragedy, Honors Legacy,” that appeared in the March/April issue of Lighthouse Digest. We enjoyed reading it and commend you on the thorough job you did. The life they led and the tragedies they suffered in those days always remind me of how lucky I was to be born when I was.

Steve Sheridan


Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

Help for MLM

Great issue of the March/April edition of Lighthouse Digest. We read it more than once, cover to cover. Linda and I visited the Maine Lighthouse Museum several years ago and met Mrs. Black, who gave us a wonderful tour. We are sorry to hear about its financial problems and we will be sending a contribution to them. Keep up the good work.

Nelson Cook

Black Gold

Loved the story and photos on “Black Gold at Cape Hatteras” in the latest issue of Lighthouse Digest. Who would have thought that Cape Hatteras Lighthouse might have been surrounded by oil derricks today? We learn something new in each issue.

Pat Smith

Loved Latest Issue

Just wanted to let you know the March/April 2015 issue is wonderful. All the magazine issues of Lighthouse Digest are great, but this recent one really had some interesting articles.

I enjoyed the Sheridan Family tragedy, the “Lighthouse Matchbook Covers,” and the “Alaskan Disappearance” The article by James Downs on “Lighthouses in the Movies” was very interesting!

So keep up the great work with the magazine.

Alice Luckhardt

More on Sheridan Story

Tim, congratulations on your article on the Sheridan Family in the March/April edition of Lighthouse Digest. You did a great job of distilling the tribulations of the Sheridan family of lighthouse keepers.

Terry Pepper

Executive Director

Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association

707 N. Huron Ave. (PO Box 219)

Mackinaw City, MI 49701

web: www.gllka.com

From the Hope Light Project

Thanks again for the great coverage in Lighthouse Digest. I was really proud to open it up to find your coverage on page five! You are doing a great job to help spread the word of our unique lighthouse and website. People are going to the lighthouse page and are also going into our resources section to find out about cancers, which is the main reason for the website and the lighthouse. Through the website, people can learn about cancer signs and symptoms, learn about their chances of getting cancer, learn how to prevent cancer, where to go for financial assistance, where to go for help, and many more topics. I have attached a print of the stats for March on our website that shows a big spike in visitors concurrent with the Lighthouse Digest mailing.

I also loved this issue, especially the cover photo of Ocracoke Light and the article, “The Little Houses Out Back.” 

We are sad to hear of the financial difficulties of the Maine Lighthouse Museum. I can relate to their difficulty in raising funds from donations - we have the same problem as well as most nonprofits. We haven’t visited the new museum and hope they do not have to go back to the jam-packed old house that we visited in August of 2000. 

With your help, we can provide hope for surviving cancer and save lives such as the mission of a real lighthouse! 

Rudy & Bev Bess

Founding Directors - The Hope Light Foundation



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