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Cape Bear Moved to Safety

By Timothy Harrison


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Wallace Jordan, president of the Cape Bear ...

Canada’s historically significant Cape Bear Lighthouse located at the southeastern tip of Prince Edward Island was saved from destruction when it was moved from the eroding bluff this past December 22.

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Cape Bear Lighthouse is shown here as the ...

Hopefully the lighthouse will again be moved this year to its new permanent location where it will be part of a Heritage Site that will include a museum, arts and gift shop, chowder room, and more.

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The Cape Bear Lighthouse at its old location ...
Photo by: Anne Loughery

The Cape Bear Light Station was established 1881. In 1905 a Marconi Wireless Station was built next to the lighthouse; it was at this light station that, on April 14, 1914, the wireless operator received the distress call from the RMS Titanic. The Marconi Wireless Station was discontinued in 1922 and sold; the building remains as a private residence to this day. In 1960 the Cape Bear Lighthouse was automated. Shortly thereafter, the attached keeper’s house was dis-attached from the tower and moved down the road. It remains standing today as a private residence. Soon, the Cape Bear Lighthouse will be at its new location, one that can accommodate tour buses. To follow the development of the site, you can follow the Facebook page of the Cape Bear Lighthouse and Marconi Station.

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