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Crooked River Light

Wanted: People in Love... Reward: Memories Forever

By Timothy Harrison


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Crooked River Lighthouse, Florida.
Photo by: Lou Kellenberger

It is not uncommon for couples to get married at a lighthouse. In fact it happens more often than most people know. Generally speaking, the lighthouse is chosen because of its beautiful location by the water, or perhaps one or both of the people involved like lighthouses.

However, the Crooked Rover Lighthouse in Florida is one of the few lighthouses that actually goes out of its way to promote and encourage people to get married at the very top of their lighthouse or to renew their wedding vows.

Naturally, there are a few things to consider, such as the fact that only seven people, total, are allowed in the wedding party on the outer catwalk of the lantern room and you, and those with you, must be able to climb the 138 narrow steps to the top of the tower. But, think of the memories!

If you have a lot of folks attending your wedding, they can set up chairs on the long front porch of the new keeper’s house for easy viewing of the ceremony. Additionally, a microphone can be rented so everyone can hear the ceremony as it takes place. Now here’s the neat part. Instead of throwing the bride’s bouquet over her shoulder, as is traditionally done, the bachelorettes, at the appropriate time, can gather at the base of the lighthouse in hopes of catching the bouquet as it is dropped down.

The folks at the lighthouse will even allow you to decorate the lighthouse railing and although you are not allowed to toss rice, bird seed or flower petals can be tossed as the happy couple exits the tower.

To learn more or reserve your date and time you can call them at 850-697-2732 or visit their web site at www.CrookedRiverLighthouse.org. If you do plan your wedding or renewal of your wedding vows at Crooked River Lighthouse, please tell them you read about it in Lighthouse Digest and we’d love to have some photos of the happy event.

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