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Help Needed Now To Save Maine’s Famous Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


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Maine’s famous Pemaquid Point Lighthouse needs financial help for its restoration.

Although the lighthouse, built in 1835, has had some minor repairs and restoration over the years, it is now in imminent danger caused by water seepage, decaying mortar, the elements, and of course, old age.

“This type of damage is not uncommon in towers of this type,” commented Bob Trapani, Jr., executive director of the American Lighthouse Foundation, the group that manages the lighthouse through its chapter, The Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. He continued by saying, “After all, it was built over 170 years ago. If we are going continue to keep this tower open to the public, it must be restored soon; time is of the essence.”

The lighthouse is one of Maine’s most popular tourist attraction lighthouses and is the only lighthouse to ever appear on American money. The Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse keep the tower open in season for people to climb the structure. Attached to the tower is the old keepers house, which is owned by the town of Bristol and operated by community volunteers as the Fisherman’s Museum.

Pictured here is Larry Paul, left, of Atlantic Mechanical, one of the firms giving estimates on the restoration costs. He is shown with Caren Clark and Bob Kline of the Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.

It is estimated that restoration of the tower will be close to $100,000 and does not include any restoration costs of the keeper’s house or other outbuildings, which are not managed by the American Lighthouse Foundation.

Urgently needed donations can be sent to Friends of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Chapter of American Lighthouse Foundation, P.O. Box 353, Bristol, ME 04539. For more information or to donate on-line go to www.LighthouseFoundation.org or call (207) 646-0245.

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