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Volunteers Ensuring Race Point Lighthouse To Remain a Model Preservation Project

By Bob Trapani, Jr.


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During this year's keeper orientation for Race ...

The Cape Cod Chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation recently held its six-hour long annual "Keeper Orientation" program designed to educate and acquaint both longstanding and prospective keepers on any new initiatives and equipment at the light station, while reviewing the operational and safety expectations associated with running the first-class restoration project at Race Point Light Station near Provincetown, MA. The "keepers" of Race Point Light are dedicated individuals who volunteer to responsibly manage the site at various times in season for the Chapter's popular overnight stay program, as well as helping facilitate facets of the station's educational program.

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Volunteers receiving classroom training on being ...

What was very special about this year's keeper orientation is the fact that the preservation project celebrated its 10th anniversary from the time the station's restoration was first undertaken. In recognition of this milestone and as a token of the Chapter's appreciation for his leadership and contributions over the past ten years, Board Member Bill Jenkins presented Cape Cod Chapter President Jim Walker with a "Ten-Year Anniversary Achievement Award" (1996-2006). The members of the Cape Cod Chapter also presented Jim's wife, Sylvia Walker, with a

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Cape Cod's restored Race Point Lighthouse is ...

similar award.

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As part of the educational programs at Race Point ...
Photo by: Don Root

In all, over 50 people were in attendance at the keeper orientation this year to learn about the changes in 2006 and how they can better assist this wonderful effort. This is a tribute to the

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Cape Cod Chapter of ALF volunteers Bill and ...

dedication of volunteers like Jim Walker, Don Root, Bill and Debbie Jenkins, and so many others within this organization who continually work hard to cultivate a sustained interest in the preservation of the historic Race Point Light Station.

Cape Cod National Seashore park ranger Karen Frasier, who served as a presenter explaining the regulations protecting the Piping Plover and the Tern Management Program to the orientation's attendees, commented at one point that when it comes to the lighthouse, “Race Point Light Station is one of the best kept lights in the entire National Park Service.” Ms. Frasier's high praise for the Cape Cod Chapter was quite a tribute to the efforts and contributions of the volunteers. ALF president Timothy Harrison later concurred with Ms. Frasier's comments, saying,

“I can't think of a finer lighthouse preservation project in the country when you factor in the site's remote location, the volunteer's commitment to education and the innovative environmental initiatives the Chapter has implemented when it comes to reusable energy.”

Though the restored lightstation has been open for overnight stays since 1998 and hundreds of people journey out to tour this isolated station each year, all of these accomplishments would not be possible without major coordination and the ongoing commitment from the Cape Cod Chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation — people just like you and I who strongly believe in the spirit of volunteerism and the difference it makes in saving lighthouses.

To learn more about Race Point Lighthouse, visit www.LighthouseFoundation.org.

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