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Tower Talk

By Timothy Harrison


I don’t understand the apathy of some people who claim to love lighthouses and the history associated with them,

yet won’t subscribe to Lighthouse Digest or support the lighthouse preservation movement.

I personally know of many people who actually own a lighthouse or live near a lighthouse or love lighthouse history and don’t subscribe to Lighthouse Digest. I even know many people who are involved in one way or another as a volunteer or employee at a particular lighthouse and don’t subscribe to Lighthouse Digest. Their reasons vary from: “I don’t have time to read,” or “I only care about the lighthouse in my community, so why should I read about other lighthouses?” to “I already get too many magazines.”

All these answers leave me stunned. They also scare me. How can we continue to effectively tell the stories and save them for future generations if many people like them don’t care about the lighthouse preservation movement as a whole and do not support the only magazine that supports the lighthouse preservation cause?

It’s time for all of us to step outside of the box and get more of the general public interested in lighthouse preservation and lighthouse history. The current base of lighthouse aficionados can help accomplish this goal.

There are probably tens of thousands of people who love lighthouses and don’t subscribe to Lighthouse Digest because they simply don’t know we exist. This I can understand. We simply have yet to connect with each other.

This holiday season, we encourage you to give a gift subscription to someone new, someone who doesn’t know about lighthouses as well as giving a gift that continues to give throughout the year. You will be doing your part to help save lighthouses and their history.

Best wishes for the holiday season and may the New Year be bright for you and with your help, be bright for our lighthouses.

Tim Harrison

Editor & Publisher

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