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The image of the Brockway heavy duty truck was taken around 1930 at the Thompkinsville Lighthouse Depot Staten Island Freight Station in New York. Sitting in the truck is Lester C. Jacoby, who began his employment with the Lighthouse Service in 1928 as a packer of supplies. He worked his way up to the position of Head Stockman at the St. George Lighthouse Depot in New York. In 1939 he became a civilian employee of the Coast Guard when it took over the Lighthouse Service. We don’t know the name of the man who is shown standing in the back of the truck. If you look closely on the side of the Brockway truck, there is a large sign with a brass lighthouse and the words Department of Commerce, U. S. L. H. Service. If you look at the front of the cab, attached to the roof and just above the window, there is a plaque with a brass lighthouse and the letters U S. These are the same type of brass lighthouses that were affixed to the doors of the captain’s quarters on some lightships and most lighthouse tenders. Reportedly, these types of brass lighthouses were also affixed to the doors of the cars of some of the Lighthouse Superintendents and to the car doors of the Commissioner of Lighthouses. Although a few replicas of these were made a number of years ago from the original molds, the actual real brass lighthouses are rare, but a number of them can be found on display at the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, Maine and at other museums around the country. (From an original photo in the archives of Lighthouse Digest.)
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