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Lighthouse keeper Octave Ponsart is shown here with assistant keeper Samuel L. Fuller at West Chop Lighthouse where Mr. Ponsart was the head keeper from 1946 to 1957. This photo was snapped by Octave Ponsart’s daughter, Seamond, as the family was about to leave for the city. Fuller was telling Ponsart not to worry; that he had him covered while he was gone. Seamond recalled that the checkered shirt was almost a trademark for Samuel Fuller. She continued by saying that Fuller had a great sense of humor and was a master fish storyteller, as well as a great catcher of fish, saying, “Sam was a great storyteller and I was a kid with big ears.” Seamond also recalled that Sam Fuller had a white hairy little mutt name Cocoa. While going into stores or regaling with one of his Gay Header pals, old Cocoa was inside the lighthouse station truck “on guard.” She said, “One day, Cocoa defended the truck so well that the Chief of Police got bitten because the cop was going to re-park the truck not knowing that Cocoa was not about to let anyone other than Sam into the station truck. Nobody liked the Chief Cop too much, so Cocoa was the hero of the week around town, and Sam added one more story to his already lengthy repertoire.” (Photo courtesy Seamond Ponsart Roberts)
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Singing Sam Fuller
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