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Stanley Valyeau, the caretaker of the Colchester Reef Lighthouse, with the contents of a package dropped at the lighthouse in 1959 by Edward Rowe Snow who was the Flying Santa to the Lighthouses from 1936 to 1980. Stanley Valyeau is reading one of Snow’s books, Great Sea Rescues, which was one of the gifts in the Christmas package that had been dropped by Snow at the lighthouse. Interestingly, Stanley Valyeau began his career in 1914 on the steamship Ticonderoga as fireman. His father, William Valyeau, was the First Engineer, and his maternal grandfather, Allen Peri, was the Master Mechanic for the Lake Champlain Transportation Company that owned the Ticonderoga. Later, Stanley Valyeau served in many other positions for the Lake Champlain Transportation Co., from handyman to bartender. Additionally, Stanley Valyeau’s wife, Laura, worked as a stewardess for the company that owned the ship and she spent most of her adult life working for the Lake Champlain Transportation Co. (Lighthouse Digest archives.)
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