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Croatia to Lease Out 48 Lighthouses

By Martin Boyle


By decision of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, 48 lighthouses on the Adriatic Sea will be offered for lease for a period of 13 years to interested firms, institutions or individuals.

The lighthouses to be leased are spacious stone buildings scattered on various islands in what many call the bluest sea in the world, the Adriatic Sea. They have merged into a landscape of exquisite beauty and an environment totally unspoiled from an ecological point of view.

The Austro-Hungarian Empire built these impressive buildings, resembling castles in many cases, on the Adriatic Islands and headlands. The first of them, situated in Cape Savudrija in Istria, was built as early as 1818, and even the most recent ones are a hundred years old. The white stone, however, easily resists time, which even today, makes the old buildings look quite new.

Apart from its vivid blue color, the Adriatic Sea is one of the world’s most transparent seas. The transparency extends to a depth of 91 feet in the north, 164 feet in the central part, and 183 feet in the south. The Adriatic Sea is also warm with an average winter temperature of 50 degrees, which in the summer rises to 76-80 degrees while the average air temperature is 63 degrees.

With an average of 2600 hours of sunshine, the Croatian Adriatic ranks among the parts of Europe with the clearest weather. Summers are particularly sunny, day temperatures rarely exceed 90 degrees primarily owing to a cool westerly breeze. Winters are mild and moderately rainy. That part of the year is marked by dry and cold gusty wind from the northeast and a mild humid wind from the southwest.

So, if you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own castle-like lighthouses, this may be your chance. For more information contact

PLOVPUT (Commercial Department),

Obala Lazareta 1,

HR-21000 Split

Republic of Croatia

Telephone # 385/21/35 69 00

Fax # 385/21/58 57 82

E-Mail - plovput.st.tel.hr

Web site - http://www.tel.hr/pharos

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