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Harbour Lights replica sales to benefit Rockland Lighthouse

By Tim Harrison


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Harbour Lights of El Cajon California, the premier maker of lighthouse replicas has announced the early release of Maine's Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse, as its newest replica in the Restoration Series of Sculptures.

Harbor Lights has announced that $5.00 from the sale of each replica will be donated directly to the American Lighthouse Foundation for its local chapter the Friends of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. With a total of 6500 replicas made this in effect amounts to a donation to the Foundation of $32,500.

Since Bill Younger founded Harbour Lights in 1991, the company has played an important role in lighthouse preservation whether it be through encouraging people to get involved with their local or national lighthouse groups, and financial support of national and regional groups.

"So many lighthouses, so little time! How can we choose the 'most worthy?'" says Kim Andrews of Harbour Lights. She went on to say, "We must judge which lighthouses seem more likely to be rescued by the group supporting it. Since we can't afford to help save all the ailing lighthouses, we've got to select just one at a time. In this case the American Lighthouse Foundation has a proven track record and their Rockland Chapter, has already raised $75,000 towards its goal of $250,000, which is the estimated costs to restore the lighthouse. Also, the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse is most unique to American lighthouse architecture. There are no lighthouses similar to it and it is one of only two tiled lighthouses in the United States."

Tim Harrison of the American Lighthouse Foundation said the Harbour Lights support is most welcome. "Traditionally, Harbour Lights collectors are very supportive of what Harbour Lights does. Once Harbour Lights gets behind a project they go all out, and it is a known fact that their collectors will make additional donations to restore the lighthouse. Many of them will travel to Maine to see it and perhaps even volunteer with work crews in the summer months"

Kim Andrews agreed with Harrison saying, "We encourage lighthouse enthusiasts to GET INVOLVED . . . save a lighthouse! Grab a paint brush, and get your feet wet, and 'just do it'! Our financial help can't hurt and we do encourage our collectors to be generous too, but most of all, it's our desire to motivate others to take action . . . as Bill Younger says, 'just one person can be the driving force which saves a lighthouse'."

Dot Black, president of the Friends of Rockland Breakwater said this is encouraging news to their small group of dedicated volunteers who have done everything but wash dishes to raise money for the lighthouse.

For donations direct to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse send to the Friends of Rockland Breakwater, P.O. Box 741, Rockland, ME 04841.

It is important to remember that the Harbour Lights replica of the Rockland Breakwater Light is a very small limited edition of only 6500 pieces available worldwide and it's recommended that you place your order early to avoid being disappointed. The Harbour Lights replica of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse no longer available except on the secondary market.

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