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Thanks for the great articles in September!


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The 1873 World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.

I just wanted to thank you for the two great articles in the September/October issue. Wow, was Bill surprised! He and I were proud to see his picture and your emphasis on all his good works in keeping the lighthouse lit! Your help and continued support of the project in bringing attention to its main purpose in the fight against cancer is sincerely appreciated. I gave Bill a subscription to Lighthouse Digest and he reads it from cover to cover and is amazed about the history of the lighthouses.

I found your “Frederick Goes to the Fair” article on the World Fairs and expositions Lighthouse Board exhibits very interesting given my research on the 1904 Worlds Fair lighthouse in St. Louis (ref. my 3 August 2021 email). Fowey Rocks and Minot’s Ledge lighthouses, and all of the lenses sure got a lot of miles on them! I wasn’t aware of the various lighthouse keepers being assigned to supervise the event exhibits and act as a tour guide and lecturer but it makes good sense given their level of knowledge and expertise on setting up the lenses. I never saw any reference to the supervisor/docent assigned to the World’s Fair in St. Louis in my research. Additionally, I never found out what happened to the model of the Southwest Pass Lighthouse after the fair ended. I am amazed on all the detail you published on the various Lighthouse Board exhibits down to Fred Samuelson’s identification card and Mrs. Samuelson’s Season Pass! Note: “I can’t even find my original Social Security Card!” You guys do great work that makes for fascinating reading in each issue!

Thanks again, Tim, for your enduring support of our Metropolis Lighthouse!

Best wishes,

Rudy and Bev Bess

Founding Directors – The Hope Light Foundation



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