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Loved the Historic Stories

Wow! Your story in the May/June edition (Lighthouse Tender Walnut and Its Date Which Will Live in Infamy) about the lighthouse tender, Walnut, reads like an adventure story! What suspense, what action, what drama! I’m sure the crew of that ship never considered what they would have to do during WWII; miracle of God indeed! You also uncover some little-known, interesting facts in the article Lightship – Warship – Experimental Ship – Mystery Ship, as well as in your article about the Sequoia and President Harding. Good articles all!

I also enjoyed David Gamage’s two very interesting and informative articles (The Grant and the Iris and Their Notable Passengers & The USLHT Fern, Unusual Career of a Lighthouse Tender) for their take on historical events.

I also found Kathleen Finnegan’s article, The Lights of Goat Island – Both Still Standing informative. Having seen the Goat Island Light on our visit to Newport, Rhode Island in 2007, I especially found it interesting and relevant. 

None of the above is to take away from the hard work and research you put into your other articles, Tim. I can tell it’s a labor of love for you. The bi-monthly format provides a treasure trove of reading!

Tom Pine

A Teaching Tool

Your articles have inspired me to speak to my congressman (Sensenbrenner-WI) about making Aug 7th a national event! As a high school English teacher I use lighthouses as the model for teaching persuasive writing/speaking and include Lighthouse Digest in my Works Cited. My students know my passion for the preservation of “America’s Castles.”  They even send me lighthouse post cards from their summer vacation trips. Keep up the great work in your fabulous magazine!

Mary Schmal

A Unique Find

Many years ago a friend who knew that I like to photograph lighthouses found this at a yard sale and bought it for me. I do believe it is unique as I have never seen another one like it. All I can do to describe it is to call it a roof (sewer gas) vent pipe cover. It is made out of copper, stands 23 inches tall and the base is roughly 13 inches by 11 inches. The base is on a pivot so that it will accommodate many different roof angles, and the base is hammered to give the appearance that it is sitting on rocks.

I have never had the heart to put this on my roof, although I probably should have. However, I did put it on my shed roof in order to show you how it should function. Anyway, now you have seen my Lighthouse Roof Sewer Gas Vent Cover, or should I say Stink Pipe.

Stephen Cloonan

Lens Issue Agreement

I agree with you on all points of your piece in ‘Wickie’s Wisdom’ in the July/August of Lighthouse Digest.  I volunteer at Pointe Aux Barques Light and Harbor Beach Light in Michigan and have been involved with the New Dungeness Lighthouse in Washington.  I have visited many lights in the Great Lakes area and I see and hear the same story of the Coast Guard uneven enforcement and valuation of the Fresnel lens.

I will not even go into the Lampologist program.  I firmly agree that the Coast Guard should revamp the whole program and standardize with the goal that all museums be fairly evaluated as to ability to retain the lens and make it available to the public and not be burdened with debt and forced to give up a valuable asset.

Scott Richardson

CWO4 Bosun USCG Retired

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