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Only One Has Lantern Room

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It was with great interest that I read the article on the Three Sisters in the March/April 2013 issue as we had “discovered” the ladies while lighthouse “hunting” on the Cape in May 2010.  The last paragraph puzzles me, however, as it states, “Today, they are beautifully restored and they stand as they once did complete with lanterns as they again look out to sea.” Unless something substantial has happened in the last two years, the outer sisters are not “complete with lanterns,” nor do they really “look out to sea.”

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I have attached several photos, which you may feel free to publish, showing each sister individually, all three lights as they stood in 2010, and a close-up of the middle sister’s lantern room, but alas, no lantern.  As you can see, the outer sisters are without lantern rooms and while they are near the coast, the collection of shade trees which surround them (and almost hide them from the road) and prevents them from looking out to the sea.

Richard Frankel

Editor’s Reply: Good catch. You are right, only one of the Three Sisters of Nauset has a lantern room and the other two do not and there is not a beacon in the tower of the one with a lantern. The author seems to have used a play on words to romanticize that the now restored lights are looking out to sea.

Still In the Ink

In a time when everyone is going digital, it’s nice to have a real, live PAPER magazine in my hands (that I can save in my Lighthouse Digest binder for the future). I also appreciate the protective cover to save it from the harsh hands of the United States Postal Service. I don’t have a lot of magazine subscriptions (time and expense), but Lighthouse Digest is tops on it! (I’m looking forward to the next issue!) See what I mean? Even bi-monthly, you got ahead of me! Keep up the great work!

Tom Pine

It Was a Blast

I wish to congratulate Roger McCormick for his outstanding article on Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, “A Lighthouse Among the Rockets,” in the January/February edition. He did a superb job! I am happily stunned and gratified by the comprehensive depth of details and pictures that were provided with the article. I also got a good laugh at the spoof photo of the four lighthouses “launching” into space. Congratulations and a big thank you for a job well done. Those of us living on the Space Coast especially appreciate it.

Pam Winegar

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