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Congratulations on 20 years!


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Happy Anniversary Envelope

We recently received this envelope from subscriber Dale Schiedel of Michigan. Thank you for the kind wishes, we appreciate it!

In addition to this finely decorated envelope, the many, many well wishes and congratulations written on renewal forms are also, greatly appreciated!

Congratulations on 20 years!

Dear Mr. Harrison

Just a note to congratulate you for your accomplishment in reaching the 20 year mark!  I have been a subscriber for some years and ALWAYS read each issue of Lighthouse Digest from cover to cover.

I’ll admit to a high interest in the general subject and a personal satisfaction to our family having their own “pretend” Lighthouse which you so graciously wrote about in your May 2009 issue but I have enjoyed the wide range of subjects and stories you continue to publish. 

My adult life has been in the business publication field and on February 22, 2012, I completed 50 years in my own advertising representative business. During that time frame I started a publication in the Diagnostic Radiology field and published it for 10 years so I have an appreciation for your pride in keeping Lighthouse Digest going for double that many years, especially in a limited market place.  

I assume yours is first of all a “labor of love” for the subject matter as well as a business endeavor which must bring you much satisfaction.  You and your staff deserve much credit for your contributions to the well being of the Lighthouses of the World and I wish you the very best! 


Wally Holdsworth,


Hello Mr. Harrison,

I am renewing my subscription to Lighthouse Digest. I just love this magazine. It is the only publication I receive.

Your articles are very interesting. Thank you for all your research and investigation to find information about Lighthouses.

I never could have imagined that there are so many lighthouses in the United states - and elsewhere.

My love of Lighthouses began a few years ago when I heard a young man (tenor) in a gospel group sing “The Lighthouse.” I had never heard it before - it bacame my song. Not long after that I “stumbled” upon a Lighthouse Digest, much to my surprise and pleasure! I did not renew the other magazines I was receiving, and now only subscribe to Lighthouse Digest.

Thank you very much Mr. Harrison. I look forward to you coming to my mailbox every (other) month, and read the magazine from cover to cover.


Sandra Moyer


P.S. I thought it was strange that I couldn’t find many books on lighthouses in bookstores. So thank you for your collection of books. I am collecting them.

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