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The Light Was Out When This Was Done

By Timothy Harrison


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Before the last election day, this past November in Maine, I received in the mail a high gloss, very expensive large mailer from Equality Maine Foundation. This brochure had a large map of Maine on the cover with the headline, “You can protect freedom all over Maine.” As I opened the brochure, which promoted absentee voting, it again had a beautiful map of Maine, with a three fold banner that said, “Vote from Home” and the words “Protect Freedom.” But in this expensive brochure they featured a Canadian lighthouse, rather than a Maine lighthouse. Yikes! With over 60 beautiful lighthouses in Maine, you would think they could have used a Maine lighthouse.

This reminds when a number of years ago, a tourist publication promoting Maine, used a Georgia lighthouse on its cover. When I confronted them about this they said they used the image because it “looked good.” Hmmmm. All the tourists visiting Maine that wanted to visit this lighthouse couldn’t find anyone that knew where it was.

Strange things like this abound everywhere.

Recently, I stopped in a gift shop in Mackinaw City, Michigan (in the heart of lighthouse territory) and saw some tee-shirts that said “Michigan” in large letters, but featured Florida and North Carolina lighthouses with palm trees. I’ve seen this before in other states and have to wonder why these merchants can’t promote the lighthouses in their respective states. I’ll never understand it, and yet, people continue to buy these products, being duped by the merchant that sells them.

We all need to take a stand that demands merchants stop claiming lighthouses from other states to be in their respective states and stop trying to confuse people; especially those who are just starting to get interested in lighthouses and don’t know any better.

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