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PHAROS: A must read

By Timothy Harrison


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A new book by author Thomas C. Clarie, titled, PHAROS - A Lighthouse for Alexandra, takes an amazing fresh new look at the famous lighthouse that was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Built in 279 BC to proclaim Alexandra as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, the Pharos (lighthouse) served as a beacon of greatness and strength for centuries. In fact, many famous rulers passed through the light of this amazingly magnificent tower that was planned by Alexander the Great, the founder of the city.

Weakened by earthquakes, wind, and waves, the lighthouse was eventually destroyed. In recent years, divers have found the massive remains of the lighthouse and today the Egyptian government is talking about rebuilding it.

The 245-page soft cover book, complete with 110 illustrations, many of them in color, is loaded with facts that are not found on the Internet, which makes this book well worth your time. In fact this is the only book of its type now available on the market.

Why was the Pharos on the ancient wonder list?

What happened to the Pharos?

What was so special about the lighthouse site and the city of Alexandria?

Would the Pharos (lighthouse) be considered a wonder in today’s modern world?

The well researched book, ties in yesterday's history with modern times and the hope for the future. Once you start reading it, you not want to put the book down. Plus, you will broaden your horizons while learning about this exciting history, which until now has not been presented in such an informative and interesting way.

Tom Clarie, the author, holds a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Connecticut and another Masters Degree in Library Science from Southern Connecticut State University where he achieved the rank of full professor. He has been researching Egyptian and Alexandrian history for nearly 30 years.

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