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Tower Talk

By Timothy Harrison


In the November 2004 issue of this magazine I wrote about what I felt was the biggest threat to lighthouse preservation in this country, and no it wasn't about money, although money is certainly a big concern, and it wasn't about a lack of volunteers, although there certainly could me more of them.

For those of you that recall that article, it was about fragmentation in the lighthouse community. What I was referring to was that there are many different lighthouse groups, each with their own agenda and many of them who never thought about the larger picture of sharing information or helping other lighthouse groups.

While I believe that fragmentation is still the biggest problem, it has greatly improved since 2004. Maybe some of those who read that editorial took heed. Other groups knew what I was talking about, but didn't want to admit it. Some agreed with me, others did not. But, since then, I can tell you for a fact, from the hundreds of emails and letters that we receive, the situation has greatly improved since 2004. And of course there are groups that have always shared and helped other groups whenever and wherever it was possible.

For those of you who carefully read last month's story on the restoration of Sandy Neck Lighthouse, you would have noticed how one of those lighthouse groups, located over a 1000 miles away from Cape Cod came to the aid of the Sandy Neck Lighthouse group in helping them with the lantern room that was eventually installed on the previously headless lighthouse.

To refresh your memory, that group is the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keeper's Association, which stepped forward to help. The Great Lakes Lighthouse Keeper's Association (GLLKA) is one of the nation's oldest and largest lighthouse preservation groups under the leadership of some very dedicated people. Over the years their accomplishments could fill several books.

So, with this issue we salute GLLKA for leading the way with lending a helping hand to other lighthouse groups, while continuing to save the lighthouses on the Great Lakes and the history associated with them. You are to be congratulated and we thank you for being true lighthouse leaders.

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