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Southern Hospitality?

By Timothy Harrison


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For the past several years, we have asked our readers to help with letter writing campaigns in the various battles that the Currituck County, North Carolina public officials have picked against the Outer Banks Conservationists, the owners of the Currituck Lighthouse that they restored, saved and opened to the public.

From time to time, our readers have sent us copies of the

letters they sent to the county officials in support of the Outer Banks Conservationists.

Carolyn Coons of Kentucky sent us the original letter she sent to S. Paul O'Neal, one of the Currituck County commissioners. The letter said:

For some time now, I have been following the battle between the Currituck County government officials and the Outer Banks Conservationists regarding ownership of Currituck Beach Lighthouse. My husband and I have made several trips to the Outer Banks over the years, and we always make a point to drive to Currituck County and visit its lighthouse.

Each time I read about the battle which your Congressman, Walter Jones, and each of you commissioners fight regarding Currituck Lighthouse I am appalled, and actually find it almost unbelievable that you would allow yourselves to be so blinded. Can you rightfully do this and not be embarrassed right out of your county? Really, it does not take one long to see all the smallness in your actions. Give credit where credit is due – be fair, please.

Carolyn Coons

Carolyn's letter and envelope were returned to her in the mail. At the back of the envelope that she sent to Commissioner O'Neal was this handwritten note: "Mrs. Coons, Someone with no knowledge or history of what is really going on, sent this ridiculous letter and signed your name. Just thought you should know."

S. Paul O'Neal

We have given this story great in-depth coverage in recent years and reported all the facts. So much for southern hospitality.

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