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Lighthouse Digest Beacon of Light Award

Jeremy D'Entremont, Making a Difference

By Timothy Harrison


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Although I’m not sure when I first met Jeremy in person, I seem to recall that it was when I was going to do a story on the Flying Santa of Lighthouses, however others tell me it was a lighthouse event on Cape Cod. Whatever the case, by the time I first met him I already had a lot of respect for what he had accomplished in researching and saving a lot of New England’s lighthouse history in stories and film.

When he created his web-site called “New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide” at www.lighthouse.cc he was one the earliest people to create an extensive lighthouse web site on the Internet. He originally created the web site from his love and interest in lighthouses and their history. Later it began to provide him a part time income from the sale of his many beautiful lighthouse photographs, which have appeared in many books, magazines and newspapers.

In fact, I often e-mailed or called him with questions or to fact check something. It didn’t take long for my respect to grow for his immense knowledge of New England’s lighthouse history.

Shortly after Lighthouse Depot created an ‘on-line’ web site for its catalog products, it was decided that the web site should be a virtual lighthouse community, that would have information on every

lighthouse; a web site where anyone who wanted information on any lighthouse anywhere could go to and find historic information on that lighthouse as well as products available featuring a particular lighthouse.

That’s when I approached Jeremy and asked him if wanted to undertake the monumental task of creating a web site of historical information on every lighthouse we could find, anywhere in the world. Since then the Lighthouse Depot Explorer Database has extensive information on thousands of lighthouses from information gathered mostly be Jeremy.

At some point Jeremy even created a CD-Rom of New England’s lighthouses. He has narrated numerous lighthouse cruises and tours along the New England coast and has given a number of lectures to historical societies and other groups.

Jeremy has literally written hundreds of stories, many which have appeared in Lighthouse Digest and a number of years ago he updated the popular book Atlantic Coast Lighthouses, A Travelers Guide, which was originally published and written by Kenneth Kochel and now published by Lighthouse Depot.

He serves as a volunteer trustee of the Friends of the Flying Santa, volunteer historian and webmaster for the American Lighthouse Foundation and, since its founding, he has served as president of the all-volunteer Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (NH), a chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation.

Jeremy has updated and annotated a series of new editions of books by the popular New England historian and storyteller, Edward Rowe Snow (1902-1982), including The Lighthouses of New England. Six of these books have been published by Commonwealth Editions of Beverly, Massachusetts and more are on the way. He is currently completing a new book, lighthouses of Connecticut, which will be published in the spring of 2005.

Lighthouse Digest is proud to name Jeremy D’Entremont as the recipient of its Beacon of Light Award, for making a difference in saving our lighthouses and the history associated with them. His award is now on its way to him.

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