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New Book Highlights Coast Guard


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Just one of Roger Miller's magnificent shots of ...

Just off the press, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Missions Of The Coast Guard is a new high-quality photography book that celebrates both the United States Coast Guard Academy as well as the Coast Guard itself. With 168 pages, this 11.25-inch, square hardbound book has over 320 full-color photographs and 35,000 words. It is sure to become the definitive book on both the Academy and the Coast Guard.

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This is Roger Miller's second book on United States Service Academies. His first book on the U.S. Naval Academy – Annapolis – set new standards with the quality of its photographs and its in-depth view of life at the Naval Academy. His book on the Coast Guard Academy is even more exciting because it brings to light the least understood military service and academy in our country.

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, located in New London, Connecticut on the Thames River is the smallest of America's service academies. It is also renowned for having extremely high standards and is one of the hardest colleges to get into in the United States. After a brief history and introduction, Roger explores every aspect of the campus. His camera follows cadets from Reporting-In Day through Graduation. The chapter on Graduation includes in-depth statements by three distinguished graduates, ADM James Loy, G. William Miller and William B. Hewitt. They talked about what the Academy meant to them and their lives.

The Coast Guard Academy is committed to developing seamanship in its future officers. All cadets have at least two training cruises on the USCG Barque Eagle, known as America's Tall Ship. At 295 feet long with 157-foot masts and 22 sails, there is nothing better to cut their teeth on than the Eagle. The photos Roger has captured of the Eagle under sail on the Atlantic are breathtaking. You will get dizzy looking at the view from the top of the mast and be amazed by how complex it is to navigate this ship.

The U.S. Coast Guard is America's smallest and busiest military service. Most people do not understand the full extent of its responsibilities. In the chapter on the Missions of the Coast Guard, Roger's camera will bring these missions to life. The missions of the Coast Guard are Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, National Defense, Environmental Protection and Maritime Mobility. Roger covers these missions with photos of Search and Rescue, cutter operations, HITRON helicopters, ice breaking, buoy maintenance and port security. The chapter on Missions of the Coast Guard illustrates dramatically what the Coast Guard is doing 24-7 to protect our nation, its environment and anyone on its waterways.

President George H.W. Bush in his foreword for the book summarizes it beautifully: “In the end, this remarkable institution is so special not because of its storied history – but because it is also so clearly indispensable to America's future... So enjoy the book. We have no doubt that when you finish, you will feel as we do – that you will want to join us in giving thanks for the United States Coast Guard Academy.”

Every American will be proud to own this exquisite book and it will make a fantastic gift.

The book is available from Lighthouse Depot as item #91377 for $44.50 plus shipping, on line at www.LighthouseDepot.com or by calling 1-800-758-1444. It is also available by mail to: Lighthouse Depot, P. O. Box 427, Wells, ME 04090.

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