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Light Reflections

Not Just a Playground

By Sharma Krauskopf


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Many people love to go to the seashore for relaxation and a vacation. For those of us who live on the sea, the seashore or beach is a place to relax and enjoy yourself, but it is also nature’s open supermarket.

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When you live on an island one of the things people enjoy doing is beach combing for treasures. One of the most popular is driftwood particularly on a windswept island with no trees like where I live. It is a real thrill to find a big piece of driftwood as I can burn it in my solid fuel Rayburn to help get the fire started. I also like to collect pieces that are in unique shapes. I have one on my kitchen shelf that looks a great deal like a seal.

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You can also find rope, lobster creels and buoys. I have told you before I have a lot of trouble growing things in the small garden at the lighthouse. One of my visitors came up with a unique idea to add variety to the garden. I have different colors of round fishing buoys to add contrast to flowers. The beach has also provided the decoration for my bathroom. On my wall in my bathroom I have fishing net with shells attached for decoration.

My favorite item from the beach is sea glass. I spend hours collecting the beautiful glass, which the sea has polished and made smooth. It comes in all sizes and shapes. The most valuable is the red, yellow and amber but I really like the green, blue and frosty white. I either keep them in a jar where the sun can shine all different colors on the carpet or my newest project is to make candles where the flame can reflect through them as it burns down.

The lighthouse keepers of old searched the beach for treasures and I am continuing the tradition. The seashore/beach is a rich resource for those of us who live on or near it. In fact I think later today I will go down and see what the most recent storm has brought us.

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