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Army Backs Out to Help Crisp Point Light

Lighthouse Digest appeals to its readers to help save this lighthouse!


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Crisp Point Light
Photo by: Rich Katuzin

Just one week before the promised help was to arrive at Michigan's Crisp Point Light, the U.S. Army backed out of its plans to help stabilize what has been called the most endangered lighthouse in America.

In a last minute memorandum to United States Senator Carl Levin, Michigan National Guard said . . .

"In as much as the National Guard of Michigan would like to assist the Crisp Point Lighthouse Historical Society in stabilizing the lighthouse, there were several factors used in determining that this project could not be supported.

1. The project was estimated that one engineer company would be required for at least two weeks and cost in excess of $50,000. This exceeds the 100 hour guidelines for domestic assistance projects directed by the Department of the Army . . .

2. The distance of 240 miles round trip to haul the rock for stabilizing the lighthouse is excessive in fuel consumption and the project would provide little training value for the soldiers over the duration of the operation. The capacity of the Guard's dump trucks is generally lower when compared with a private contractors hauling capability.

3. The Guard is prohibited from undertaking domestic action projects which compete with private contractors. The Historic Society received a bid of $42,000 from a local private contractor which is considerably less than the amount that the Guard requires to do the project."

What the Guard failed to realize is that their work was being provided free, and now the Historical Society must raise immediate cash to hire a private contractor to do the work, and while the Society spends the time trying to raise the money, the lighthouse may be lost. Time is more crucial here than at nearly any other lighthouse.

The Society now needs an immediate $16,000 to add to their kitty to be able to hire a private contractor. This also means that other funds previously raised for other restoration work, would have to be used at once to secure the lighthouse.

We are again appealing to our readers to send donations to help save this wonderful historic lighthouse. We know that there are many of you who can send $1000, $500, $100, $50, or even $5. to help. When writing about endangered lighthouses we have always encouraged our readers to send donations, but this is the first time Lighthouse Digest has made a direct appeal for money on behalf of any lighthouse group. There are no fancy gimmicks to entice you. This is just an outright need for immediate cash to save this lighthouse. Donations can be sent to the Crisp Point Light Historical Society, P.O. Box 229, Paradise, Michigan, 49748.

However, if it's gimmicks you like, they do have a Crisp Point Coffee Mug for $14.95 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling. The front of the mug has a photo of Crisp Point Light and the reverse says "I like my beacon CRISP." We are also confident that if you send them a donation for $1000, $500, $100, $50, or $25, and ask for a mug, they would be happy to send one to you.

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