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Asa H. Josselyn is shown with his third wife, Cora Smith Trommer Josselyn whom he married a few days after he submitted his second wife’s death notice to the newspapers in early November of 1903 when she went missing. When Asa brought Cora out to the Thacher Island Lighthouse a day or two before their marriage, the other keepers and their wives were indignant. According to The Boston Globe on November 9, “Josselyn has been ordered from the island by head light keeper Tarr, and will leave tomorrow, together with Mrs. Trommer, whom he has installed as his housekeeper….It transpires that when Mrs. Trommer reached the island Wednesday, she was recognized by Mrs. Tarr, wife of the head light keeper, and the wife of an assistant light keeper as the original of a picture which Josselyn has had in his possession. Both women made a verbal onslaught on Mrs. Trommer, and gave her their opinion of her position without mincing matters. They also demanded that she leave the island at once.” Head keeper Addison F. Tarr then left the island to report the situation to District Inspector Charles W. Bartlett. (The Boston Post, November 10, 1903)
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