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May/Jun 2022

Our 30th anniversary issue cover features seven previous covers of Lighthouse Digest (clockwise from top left): JanFeb 2020 - Halfway Rock Light, ME; MayJune 2017 - Holland Harbor Light, MI; June 2008 - Sapelo Light, GA; JanFeb 2011 - Fourteen Mile Point, MI; MayJune 2013 - Cape Florida, FL; May 2002 - Portland Head, ME. And the background image is our first issue which was May of 1992.

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$1.5 Million Lighthouse Lens Stolen

Absecon Lighthouse – The Old and the New

And In The Print Edition ...

Book Review

California’s Point Cabrillo Lighthouse – A Photographic Journey

Donald Duck The Bored Lighthouse Keeper

Faux Lighthouse Built for Actress

By Timothy Harrison

From the Archives of Lighthouse Digest

From the Commodore

By Debra Baldwin

From the Lighthouse Service Bulletin

By Jack Graham

How to Build a Lighthouse

By Walter White

Hunting Island Lighthouse Closed Again

Keeper's Korner

By Timothy Harrison


Lost Lighthouses

Michigan’s “Save Our Lights” License Plate Awards $100,000 in Grants

Ohio’s Marblehead Lighthouse Turns 200

By Timothy Harrison

Old and New Ukrainian Black Sea Lighthouses

Point Bonita Lighthouse Site Reopens

The Lightvessel

By Walter White

Ukraine Lighthouse Destroyed by Russian Navy

Walter White: A Lightkeeper’s Legacy

When Nineteen Lighthouses Got Ice Cream for the First Time

Wickie's Wisdom

By Timothy Harrison

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