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Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine is featured on the cover of this issue from a photo by Jim Wolfrum. The well maintained lighthouse is a popular tourist destination and features a wonderful museum and gift shop. The 1857 lighthouse appeared briefly in the movie “Forrest Gump” and is featured in the children’s book, “Nellie the Lighthouse Dog.”

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A Fantasyland Faux

By Debra Baldwin

And In The Print Edition ...

Boon By Helo

Charting a New Course

By Kari Kozak Dahlstrom

Feds Say Five Spindly Legged Lights To Be Excess Property!

Former Lighthouse Keeper Sentenced to Death

By Timothy Harrison

Found Artwork Goes Home to Alaska

From Menasha to Round Island

By Rangelight Rich Katuzin

From The Archives Of Lighthouse Digest

From the Commodore

By Debra Baldwin

From The Lighthouse Service Bulletin

By Jack Graham

Gay Head Lens Moves to New Home

His Final Work Was Disrespected

By Timothy Harrison

Hollywood Casino’s Canned Food Lighthouse

Keeper's Korner

By Timothy Harrison

Keeping Liberty’s Light

By Debra Baldwin

Lighthouse Keeper Buys First 1941 Christmas Seal Stamps

By Timothy Harrison

Lighthouse Keeper John Kerr’s Menagerie

By Timothy Harrison

Lighthouse Touring on the Friendship V

By Tom Walsh

Maine Centennial Parade of 1920

By Timothy Harrison

Maine Lighthouse Keeper William H. C. Dodge

By Timothy Harrison

New Lighthouse Quarter Released

New Stamps Honor 150th Anniversary of Three Japanese Lighthouses

Ownership Change for Point Fermin Lighthouse

Pensacola’s First Order Lens Restored

Photos of Interest

Remembering John Eagle

Remembering President George H.W. Bush

Restoration Work at North Head Lighthouse

Shipwreck Surfaces

Squaw Island Changes Hands

By Cynthia Jaye

St. James - All Lit Up

By Cynthia Jaye

The 1st Order Fresnel Lens from a Lost Lighthouse

The Mysterious Disappearance of America’s First Fresnel Lens

By Timothy Harrison

Town May Acquire Light Keepers’ House

By Timothy Harrison

Tree Trunk Turns Into Lighthouse

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