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August 2008

Photo By: Kathleen Finnegan

Our cover photo is the Little River Lighthouse in Cutler Maine, one of the five lighthouses featured in the Lights Across the Border International Lighthouse Challenge. It was here at Little River Light, that Frederic Morong, Jr. wrote the famous lighthouse poem “It's Brasswork.”

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200th Birthdays

And In The Print Edition ...

Collecting Nautical Antiques

By Jim Claflin

Double Standard?

By Timothy Harrison

First Martha’s Vineyard Lighthouse Challenge Rated A Success

By Lisa Maderic

Happy 100th Birthday to Shirley Morong

By Timothy Harrison

Keeper of the Light Was Painter of the Light

By Timothy Harrison

Keeper's Korner

By Timothy Harrison

Lighthouse Preservation Inspired By Book

By Claudia Bradley

Little Known About Sister Service Surfman

Lost In The Pages Of Time

By Louisiana's Point Au Fer Lighthouse

Lost Lighthouse Reborn

Makeover At Absecon

Proposal To Move Lighthouses Meets With Approval

By Timothy Harrison

Sprucing Up For The Big Party

The Davenport Lighthouse Legacy

By Timothy Harrison

The Old Foghorn: Discovery of a Lost Treasure

By Jim Lipsky

Wickie's Wisdom

By Timothy Harrison

Wisconsin Islands Transferred To U.S. Fish & Wildlife

By Timothy Harrison

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