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February 2003

Photo By: Gary Martin

Our February cover photo of the St Joseph Pier Lights in Michigan was taken by Gary Martin of Michigan. Buy it now!

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A Canadian Lightkeeper’s Love Letter

By Jeremy D'Entremont

A Coastie’s Memories of the Horrors of War

By David Mosely, U.S.C.G.

And In The Print Edition ...

Big Sable’s Summer Hours

Boston Beacons

By Luke Griffin

Canada’s Isle Haute: A Treasure Trove of History

By Jeremy D'Entremont

Canadian Auditor General Calls for Automating All Its Lighthouses

By Bob Gustafson

Collecting Nautical Antiques

By Jim Claflin

Consider The Lighthouse

By Marion “Walt” Kyzer

Faulkner's Island Sojourn

By Vivian Jensen Chapin

Frank’s Island Lighthouse Has Disappeared

India’s Lighthouse Department Celebrates 75 Years

By I. C. R. Prasad

Keeper’s Korner

By Timothy Harrison

Ken Rouleau’s Year at Halfway Rock

By Jeremy D'Entremont

Letting in the Light

By Bob Trapani, Jr.

Lighthouse Patches

New Beacon for Cape May

By Bob Trapani, Jr.

Old Jack the Lighthouse Mule

By Elinor DeWire

Race Point Light Solarization Project

Save Our Lighthouses

By Michael D. Wilson

SOS at Sea

By James W. Baker

Tending the Light at Hooper Strait

By Mary Ann Ray

The Old Standby Fades Away—but Never Dies

By Todd R. Berger

The Steamboat Light

By Richard Clayton

Women of the Light: Elinor DeWire

By Jeremy D'Entremont

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